Dash Bellane



    Dashmy Bellane grew up in Port Au Prince, Haiti an inspired young man with a dream of making music in his own music studio. He dreamed not only of creating his own music and videos, but also helping other aspiring, upcoming, and already established artists create theirs. At 17 years old Dash set out on an adventure to America; not knowing what was going to happen, and with no money in his pocket, he still had his dream knew he was going to make it. He found himself in the Bahamas, and spent a year in construction while he saved enough money to make it to America. He settled in Naples, Florida and set out building his dream.

    Dash opened a few small studios, each of them better than the last, but none of them equaled his dream. He did his homework, gathered the right crew, and began renovations on the building, and upgrading his recording equipment. This new studio was the culmination of Dash’s dreams and years of hard work. Dash Five Stars Studio was complete.

    As of today Dash still lives in Naples, Florida. Back home in Haiti, Dash is known as Zoe Man Neg Martissant, an up and coming hip-hop Creole artist whose songs are already being played on Haiti radio stations. He has big plans for his music label Dash Blackout Records. His dream of creating a music studio fulfilled, Dash now dreams of sold out concerts of all genres of music in SWFL, America, and maybe even the world. Be on the lookout for huge parties hosted by Dash Blackout Records (pool parties, after parties, holiday parties etc.)! The parties will be great, but the most important aspect of Dash Blackout Records will be signing artists. If you think you have what it takes to be part of the Dash Blackout family send us a message.

    Dash admits that at first it was a little rough. Early attempts at studios were quite the joke, but he educated himself and built upon what he learned. Dash can now say he made it from the bottom to the top. He has the top studio in Naples, and is doing better than he ever expected. Dash Five Stars Studio has top notch equipment, the most experienced and welcoming crew in the area, and the most relaxing and comfy atmosphere to create your own dream right here in beautiful Naples. Never truly satisfied, Dash still dreams of his studio becoming bigger and more famous, and if you know Dash you know he is a dream chaser, He won’t stop until he makes it happen. Stay tuned for our future!